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Server Trolls

[Owner] Stormsx4 a posted May 16, 15

Earlier today a few trolls obtained OP on the server. They have been ip banned and everything has been rolledback 8 hours to revert any damage that they have done. If you were wrongfully banned by the trolls please contact a staff member or make a forum post. The exploit has been fixed so it won't happen again.

Emrog I've been banned from the server as of yesterday. My username is Emrog and it'd be great if you could get me un-banned. ...
hockeyfan8805 me and my friend lost 15000 wich the money was used to buy a beacon for our (not so good shop) so thats what i only lost ...
CalebM15 (Meebler) I lost like everything valuable! I was moving all valubles at the time of the rollback or whatever I lost... - 3 iron bl ...

Server Reset

[Owner] Stormsx4 a posted Apr 4, 15

Recently there has been an awful amount of lag on the server. This is due to the amount of cactus farms, redstone clocks, and thousands of pistons being set off every second. With all of this activity, the server can't keep up and slows down causing everyone to lag. In order to clear all of the lag the server will be reset. Along with the reset the server will be updated to 1.8.3, several plugins will be updated, and since it is Easter Weekend we will be having a sale. Reset kits will be available to everyone at /warp kits. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope that you will look at it as a new lag-free start.

CharSnapper We should get to keep our spawners
kuukeli123 Still Alive ...
punchthosetrees Hey Storm, So i bought enhanced and a legendary key well over four hours ago and it still hasn't appeared. help?

New Update

[Owner] Stormsx4 a posted Apr 4, 15

Minecraft 1.8.1 has been out for quite awhile and today the server has updated to 1.8.1. This means that you will need to have Minecraft 1.8+ in order to join the server. We recommend that all players user the 1.8.1 update since it significantly reduces the amount of lag on the client’s side. A new island level system has been added where your island level will be displayed next to your prefix. For users who are VIP+ you now have access to /chatcolor which will give you a new way to change your chat color. Crates have been added which includes vote, party, and legendary crates/keys. Now when you vote you will receive a vote crate key. This key can be used at /warp crates to open a vote crate. Every 200 votes the servers receives a party key will be given to everyone who has recently voted. The party key can be used to open the party crate. Legendary crate keys can be obtained by getting lucky when opening a vote crate or from buying legendary keys from the server’s web store. The legendary crate yields the best rewards.


Happy Minecrafting,


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