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Server Reset

[Owner] Stormsx4 a posted Sun at 3:50

Over the last week Classic has been extremely laggy with the tps of the server dropping below 8. In other words it can take up to 3x longer to break a single block. In order to remove the lag on the server we will be resetting the server and the clearlag plugin will be altered to prevent future problems. Along with the reset the IslandWorld plugin will be updated. This update patches the annoying /island lock glitch and also adds /island invite and /island kick as aliases. The /trade feature will be added to the server allowing you to safely trade with other players. Also lucky and cumulative vote rewards will be buffed. A reset kit will be added for two weeks after the reset and can be used by typing /kit reset. If you are a donor there is an extra reset kit that can be used by typing /kit (name)reset. Example: /kit vipreset. We hope everyone looks at this as a new start where you can build the greatest skyblock yet.

queen_enchant i had my own island and i built on it and everything i had a lot of stuff and when i came on the next day it was gone! i ...
IzzyMintz SO I made a new island, placed down chests, stuff like that and then I went off. The next day (today) I can't get back o ...
harryj67 Hi, I have an issue with the new /trade command. Carlosdaisy25 and myself accepted a /trade. He/she gave me $1500 and I ...

Server Trolls

[Owner] Stormsx4 a posted May 16, 15

Earlier today a few trolls obtained OP on the server. They have been ip banned and everything has been rolledback 8 hours to revert any damage that they have done. If you were wrongfully banned by the trolls please contact a staff member or make a forum post. The exploit has been fixed so it won't happen again.

IIRAGINGZ0MBI3 plz stormz can u help me someone brought me vip and it overited my skylord
SenseSword Hello again, i changed my name to SenSword i really like this server, i've spent 5$ to get VIP in this server and i got ...
ESTSports25 Someone help me! I was at my skyblock and I got kicked from the server and it says Iternal Exeption: ...
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